Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh yeah ...

This is why I don't wear glitter polish.

003 Glitter Removal

My mani started to chip pretty badly on two fingers (the ones that are bare) - I guess I was right about the polish being too thick on the tips.
Anyways, I decided to remove it completely using the foil method from AllYouDesire's blog. I left it on for 6 minutes. It removed the fine glitter beautifully, the large glitter did not want to budge! I think it's just this specific polish, and I should have left the foil on for the full 8 minutes.

Time to soak some more!

I'll be leaving my nails with just the post trauma nail treatment on for the next few days while I decide what to do next!

I figure it's also worth noting that a co-worker wanted to try the glitter syrup mani, so I brought the polish in to work with me. She's normally not 'creative' with her nails, but she said it was super easy to do, and it looked great!

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