Friday, August 22, 2014

Deep Breath

Saturday is the premier for Doctor Who series 8 - Peter Capaldi is taking over as The Doctor, and they're doing a feature length episode (called "Deep Breath")

Of course I had to do themed nails to match!

I don't have my usual tools, so these aren't as great or clean as I wanted, but I still like them

Polishes Used:
essence Black is Back
essence Flame Fatale
essence nail art Tatoo pen
essence French Tip pen
Color Club Blue-topia
Orly Galaxy FX Gravity Bound
China Glaze Holographic Cosmic Dust
China Glaze Frostbite
Ardene Tigers Eye

- Thumb is a TARDIS, as usual.
- Index finger is continuing companion, Clara - based on her Christmas outfit, which I believe carries over for at least part of the new episode.
- Middle finger represents the 12th Doctor's new costume.
- Ring finger is, as usual, a Dalek, because even though I don't think they'll be in this episode, they're a huge part of Who (and I love doing Dalek nails …)
- Pinky is simply Orly's Galaxy FX polish, mainly because I couldn't think of anything else to add!


So, of course, shortly after I get organised and start posting again, something comes up.

We have had to bounce around between people's homes, because our bathroom is being renovated!

I didn't have internet for a week.
My nails have been bare for a whole week after that …and we've just been so busy.

Tonight, I am determined to sit down and polish my nails.
Hopefully I will have something to share later tonight or tomorrow.

At least I get a pretty, new bathroom.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This is an older one, but it's so bright and fun, it's great for summer.

This manicure used Nabi 3D Rainbow Effects holographic polish. They're not super strong, but they give a nice linear holo effect in bright light (you can just barely see it in this photo). I always wanted to get more of these, but the place locally that sold them stopped carrying them.

The glitter polish is by Hard Candy. It's called Mom & Pop. It has peach, pale green, pale yellow, pale pink, white, and silver holographic glitter.

3 coats Nabi 3D Rainbow Effects in Green
1 coat Hard Candy Mom & Pop

They go with my ukulele really well :D