Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blue and Teal Crackle

004 blue teal crackle

I did a deep, dark brown manicure earlier this week, but ruined it before I could share it - I'll try it again another time.
Also, pardon my extra short nails - they peeled really badly after the glitter removal.

So, this week's manicure is a super cheap easy manicure!

Basecoat, as usual is the Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment.
2 coats of a robin's egg blue creme. It's by Fascino - never seen it before, but it was $2, so why not - right? Colour #47
Then I topped it off with a dark teal crackle by XOX Cosmetics (colour #N72). Also $2
Added Color Club's topcoat, and done!

Not bad for cheap nail polish!

Holy cow is the glitter syrup mani popular with my coworkers.
One painted her nails with a lovely mint green creme, and did the glitter over that.
I lent the polish to another girl who just had her gel nails removed.

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