Saturday, March 3, 2012

Holo Glitter Syrup Mani

Something fun and totally not me this week.
I'm not really a glitter person, but I saw someone with a glittery syrup manicure the other day, and I wanted to try it out.

002 Holo Syrup

This was a really hard photo to get - I had to use the flash, and then bring down the brightness. Every time I tried it with no flash, it was incredibly blurry. It's just a dark day today.

Started with Revlon's Post Trauma nail treatment - I'm really liking it. When I removed last week's manicure, my nails were nice and smooth, and the one nail that peels all the time looked just fine. I still love the matte finish on it. I haven't been able to find a matte topcoat, so I think I'll see how this works as a topcoat in one of my next planned manicures.

1 coat of OPI's "Moon Over Mumbai" it's a very very sheer grey with a hint of pearlyness to it.

Starting about 3/4 of the way down my nail, I added 1 coat of Claire's "Glitter Topcoat" (I swear they used to have better names for their polish when I worked there). This is a surprisingly densely packed silver and holo glitter polish. I figured i'd need multiple coats, but 1 was enough!

About halfway down the nail, I used a larger silver glitter. It's from Claire's "Precious Metals" set - it comes with 5 mini bottles of glitter polish. All of them have some holo glitter, and you get: Silver, Black, Purple, Blue/Purple and Blue/Green.
Anyways ... phew - this was a smelly polish. Almost like a permanent marker! Thankfully it faded fast. The glitter isn't very dense, so I had to kind of dab it on.
I did a second coat of this polish on the tip of my nail, to make it a bit more dense

Topped it all off with OPI's topcoat.

I'm not really sure how long this one is going to last. I'm afraid the coats at the tip might be too thick. Oh well. The fine glitter is going to be a pain in the butt to get off.

All I can really say about this one is - holy glitter Batman! It is pretty funky looking though :D I think I'm going to be distracted by all the shiny this week.

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