Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Everyone is going crazy over this polish.
I get it now.

After failing with China Glaze Whirled Away a second time (no pictures were taken, but it was bubbly, lumpy and did not dry for /hours/), I grabbed a bottle of Black Tie Optional from my local Walmart.

Now, everyone says they have a very hard time finding this polish, but I've seen it every time I've been at Walmart. In fact, when the Hard Candy display was mostly empty, BTO was one of the only bottles left.
I guess the nail polish fanatics in Vancouver don't care for the black & white glitter trend? or they don't venture into Walmart?

Anywyas ... The black and white glitter thing started with indie polish makers. They were hard to find and often out of stock - when they came back in stock, they would sell out very quickly. Then everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Here is a not-so-complete list, because companies are still releasing new ones - I've seen new offerings from Maybelline, Claire's and a few others.

097 Peach BTO

For this manicure, I applied two coats of Barrielle Joytini, a peachy-orange almost jelly polish. I got this in a box set of polishes at Winners. The box said "New York Style", but when I looked up that set, Joytini wasn't in it (though, there was an orange), and there were other shades I didn't get. I guess it was random polishes thrown in the box. Not too surprised, because that's what happens with other sets at Winners. I've only actually seen one complete set. Not a big deal, I grabbed the set, because I liked the shades I saw, not because it was a specific set.

After those coats were thoroughly dry, I applied  a single coat of Black Tie Optional.
How was it? 
It was PACKED with glitter, so you can apply it like any old polish. And yes, that is only a single coat in the photo. Unlike Whirled Away, there was no dabbing was required. It is also super quick dry, so I could  apply a topcoat and be on my way without fear of denting or smooshing. I will say I had to dig a little bit to get the big hex glitter, but nothing like Whirled Away, where you had to dig for any glitter.

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