Monday, January 13, 2014

For Audrey / Pop Rocker

My sister bought me Hard Candy's Pop Rocker for Christmas - it's like Black Tie Optional (which she also grabbed for me), but with the addition of pink bar glitter.

I figured I needed to use Pop Rocker, so I needed to find a good base colour.

115 Pop Rocker For Audrey

I went with China Glaze For Audrey - their ever popular perfect Tiffany blue. Two coats to get a nice even base. I finally picked up this polish using a Sally Beauty gift card I also got for Christmas. It's so pretty.

Topped it off with one coat of Pop Rocker - you have to dig a bit to get the larger sized glitter chunks, but, like the other Hard Candy glitters, you get awesome coverage without really trying.

With the Pro FX Epoxy Bond base coat and Quick Dry top coat, this manicure lasted over a week before I even started to notice tip-wear.

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