Friday, December 6, 2013

Revlon Selects - Revlon Parfumerie

I actually received a couple of Revlon Selects packages in the last couple of months.
First one was some more of their 3D nail strips. I got two designs. I gave one to a friend to try (I don't believe she's used strips before, so I wanted her take on them), and I kept one for myself to use for my company Christmas party - that's next weekend, so I'll have a review up hopefully next Monday.

The second box had a single polish in it - from their new Parfumerie line.

The bottles are super cute, rectangular with beveled edges, and the lid is small and round - it looks reminiscent of a simple perfume bottle. Obviously what they were going for, and it worked.
The smaller lid was actually pretty easy to work with. It's about the same height as a mini polish lid, but the shape makes it easier to hold than a traditionally shaped lid on a mini bottle.

The scent/shade I received is "Spun Sugar" - a metallic off-silver, almost pewter shade.

112 Revlon Selects Spun Sugar

This is two coats - I decided to fancy it up by adding a jewel to each nail (pale blue, round; from the Claire's gem wheel). I thought it would give it a bit of a wintery feel.

First coat wasn't quite opaque, but second coat evened it out. You can just barely see some brushstrokes; and I find that's pretty typical of these frosty metallics, so no complaints there

The scent is creamy and sweet. I don't really know how else to describe it.
I just applied it, so we'll see how long the scent lasts :)
While it was drying, the smell reminded me of a new magazine with an unopened perfume sample - weird, but that's where my brain went. Once it fully dries, the sugary scent really comes out.
I did find the scent to be a little on the strong side at first, but my nose has been very sensitive to perfumes lately. I don't know if I'm just used to it now or what, but it has mellowed out to where I can only really smell it if my fingers are about two inches from my nose.

I DID use a topcoat, and the polish passed the test. Once the topcoat was dry, the scent came back, just as strong as before.

The box also contained a brochure with two scent samples
- Autumn Spice:  looks like a beautiful coppery brown shimmery bottle of goodness, and it smells like pumpkin spice, which, well, I am obsessed with.
- Surf Spray: looks like a (metallic?) teal-blue, smell is very typical of "water" scented perfumese (if that makes sense). I don't really know how else to describe it.
There were 16 shades at the time of release, and it looks like there are more now.

If I don't get any of these for Christmas, I will be buying Autumn Spice, and another one I saw in stores called Italian Leather.

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