Monday, November 11, 2013

Mint Apple Caviar

I'm a big fan of deals on nail stuff - so, when Urban Planet started carrying nail stuff at 3 for $5, I had to look.

I mentioned the Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect polishes in my last post, I'm hoping to pick up the rest of them, because I really like them.

They also have other bits and pieces - I've wanted to try the beaded "caviar" manicure for a while, and they had a pack of 5 little vials of different coloured beads.

The blue-green beads were an almost perfect match for Sinful Colors Mint Apple.

108 Mint Apple Caviar

Each finger got two coats of Mint Apple.
I used a normal topcoat on my ring finger and then poured the beads over top into a little dish,
I used my normal quick dry topcoat on the rest.
It looks kind of cute, but the beads did start to pop off the next day, so this kind of a one-night manicure.

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