Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reddit Challenge - Yellow

Ok, something simple this week.
I actually have several yellow polishes. This is a bit surprising, because I really am not a big fan of yellow.
They're all different too - pastel creme, scented bright yellow creme, sheer super shimmery yellow and opaque slightly shimmery yellow.

084 Yellow 52R

I used my opaque, slightly shimmery yellow for this one - Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine
Since yellows can be difficult to apply, I started with a coat of Zoya White. After the white was dry, I applied a generous coat of the Essence polish. I really like this one. I probably could have gone with two coats, but one worked.

After the yellow was dry, I topped it off with a coat of China Glaze Whirled Away.
One of the many popular multi-sized black and white matte glitters ("matte glitter meaning it's not metallic - it's still shiny though ...)

I had a bit of an issue with this one. It might have been that I put on Whirled Away too thick, or I put on Out The Door (quick dry topcoat) before everything was dry enough, but I got bubbles. You can see them in the photo.

When I removed the manicure, You could really tell it went all the way through the polish!

084 Yellow Removal 52R

The rest of the manicure came off really easily with the foil method.

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