Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Weeks of Reddit Challenges

I'm on a deadline for a couple of craft projects so it's difficult to fit fancy nail art in as well.
Sorry I've been a bit behind!

Also, I wanted to share that my favourite nail blogger (and fellow Canadian) Kayla Shevonne is doing a nail polish giveaway sponsored by Butter London Canada. Today is the last day - go enter!
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This post has two weeks worth of challenges in it, just so I can focus on getting my other projects done.

First up, this last week's challenge was "Inspired by a Flag"
I chose the Union Flag (or Union Jack), but I also wanted to show what flags were used to create the Union Flag ...
It's a little wobbly because it was all done freehand with normal sized nail polish brushes. I really need to get a striper brush.

075 UK Flags 52R

Thumb: Union Flag

Index: Flag of England - St. George's Cross

Middle: Flag of Scotland - St. Andrew's Cross (sorry, I didn't have an appropriate blue, it's supposed to be an azure blue background)

Ring: St. Patrick's Cross. From what I understand, this one is frequently used by the government to represent Northern Ireland. Check out Wikipedia for some information on Flag disputes in Northern Ireland.

I just used the blue on my pinky to tie everything together.

Colours Used:
Blue - Ardene Elektronika
White - Zoya (colour unknown)
Red - Essence Flame Fatal

This coming week's manicure is "Flowers"

I settled on daisies.

076 Daisies 52R

Two coats of Essence Wake Up!
Then I used my Claire's white detail polish to create the daisy and added a dot of  Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine for the centres.

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