Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reddit Challenge - Inspired by Technology

I think everyone was going to do circuit board nails for this one and as soon as the first (awesome) one was posted, we all changed our minds.
I know my attempt would be nowhere near as good.

I was looking around for inspiration and I figured my phone would be easy and cute.

I have a Google Nexus S:

I went with the row of 'buttons' along the bottom, and then added an Android logo on my thumb :)

60 Android 52R

I started with two coats of Essence Lime Up! on my thumb and two coats of Essence Black is Back on the rest of my fingers.
Using my Claire's White detail polish, I painted all of the icons.
Using my Claire's Black detail polish, I blocked out the android and filled in the black space with Black is Back.

ta da!