Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reddit Challenge - Autumn Taping

For the first week of the Reddit 52 week challenge, the theme is taping - my previous tape manicure is here.

I wanted to try the alternate version of the patchwork manicure I found - it's taping off angled sections of your nail. (using this tutorial from Chloe's Nails Blog).

035 Taping 52R

I knew I wanted to use NYC Pumpkin, because it's my favourite orange and it's October.
A friend gave me a lovely bottle of polish last night - Sally Hansen Chestnut. It's a deep red-brown shimmer.
I grabbed my Wet n Wild Rustic to complete the trio.

I love how well the colours go together.

Still working on my cleanup technique - I need a better brush, and I think I should change away from the acetone free remover.

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