Saturday, August 25, 2012

52 Week Challenge - Cupcake Manicure

I wanted to try a couple of things with this manicure ...

I managed to find a bottle of Sinful Colors Mint Apple, and Sinful Colors was on sale. I cannot believe that this polish is $6 in Canada and $2 in the US. (I paid $3 for this bottle). I know things are usually more expensive up here, but 3 times the price is a bit silly.
Aaanyways ... this is a gorgeous mint green with a lovely shimmer to it. I immediately thought of it when I saw the cupcake manicure theme.

I also wanted to try out a glitter sandwich - it's where you do a sheer or "jelly" polish, add a layer of glitter, then another layer of the jelly polish.

So, here goes (please pardon my fingers - with the heat, my skin has been acting up, plus I cut my pinkie while I was making dinner last weekend):

028 Cupcake 52

I used Sinful Colors Mint Apple on my thumb, index, ring and half my middle fingers. 2 coats.
Once that was dry, on my thumb and middle fingers, I added some vertical stripes with Claire's Scented polish - Turquoise/Fruit Punch.

On my pinky, I used Sally Hansen Polar Bare - 2 coats. I did the same in a half-circle on my middle finger.
This is a super, super sheer white - after 1 coat, you couldn't really tell there was any colour to it, but 2 coats, and the white started to show.
After the white was dry, I added some blue/green/purple glitter polish from the Claire's Precious Metals collection.
Once that was dry, I topped it off with another coat of Polar Bare.

To top off the cupcake, I added a dot of OPI Comet Loves Cupid - I have a mini bottle from one of their mini box sets.

Topcoat, and done!
It's kinda cute!

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