Wednesday, June 6, 2012

52 Week Challenge - Ombre Manicure

This week's challenge is an "Ombre" manicure.
I've seen them done two ways - a different shade on each nail or a gradient on each nail.

Since there is a "gradient manicure" further down the list, I decided to go with a different shade on each nail:

015 Jacques Ombre 52

Color Club Rebel Spirit on my thumb nail (3 coats)
OPI You Don't Know Jacques on my middle finger (3 coats)
OPI Skull and Glossbones on my pinkie (3 coats)

For my ring finger, I mixed You Don't Know Jacques and Skull and Glossbones in a 1:1 ratio.
For my index finger, I mixed Rebel Spirit with You Don't know Jacques in a 1:2 ratio.

The mixes were painted on with a paintbrush I had kicking around. These took 4 thin coats each - there was a bit of drag from the brush, so it was tough to get a nice coat.

I REALLY like this.
They have ombre manicure kits available at Nordstrom in the States - The Husband and I are going to Bellingham in July, so I might just stop at a Nordstrom and pick up a set or two!

This photo was actually taken with my new phone. My contract was up, so I figured I'd finally get a smartphone (Google Nexus S) - I think it takes better photos than my actual camera. Sheesh!

Next week's manicure is a "Flag Manicure"
There are lots of interesting flags - it'll be hard to choose (I'm saving Canada's flag for further down the list)

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