Tuesday, May 15, 2012

52 Week Nail Challenge - Bows Mani

Trimmed my nails down and used a cuticle remover gel, moisturized and finished off with a cuticle oil. Left it all to soak in for a couple of hours, and then manicure time!

As I said last week, I'm not very girly, so flowers one week and bows the next is not for me!
However, I found a cute way to avoid girly bows:

The Tuxedo Manicure! (inspired by Zooey Deschanel)

012 Bows Manicure 52

Three coats of a white Zoya polish - I don't know which one it is - it's the only Zoya I own, there are no labels and it's an off-white.
I honestly don't like it - I find it to be a very 'fragile' polish. It rubs off so easily until you put a topcoat on it.

Claire's black detail polish for the design bow and the tip.
I half followed the tutorial at Nail Art 101. I found it easier (and faster) to do an "X" on each nail instead of "> <" and then adding a dot in the middle.

OPI Black Onyx for the 'buttons'
The detail brush from the Claire's polish was too fine and long to make nice round dots (and the 'pen' applicator clogged long ago), so I needed to freehand the 'buttons'.
To create a disposable palette, I put a bit of tape on the lid of a body butter pot (the closest flat thing I had), then I added a blob of polish and used an old concealer brush to paint on the dots.
Once the polish is dry, peel the tape off the lid and toss it.

Color Club topcoat to finish it off.
Unfortunately, I got quite a bit of drag from the black. I really should have waited to add the topcoat, but I wanted to finish the manicure off quickly.

I'm very undecided on this manicure - it's super cute, but it really highlights the differences in the shapes of my nails. My index finger looks wide and squat compared to the others.

Next week's theme is a Fruit Manicure. I've seen lots of cute ideas already ^_^

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