Friday, April 13, 2012

Dot Gradient

I was looking around at other nail polish blogs, and found a 'dot gradient' manicure. I decided to give it a shot. I went with the tutorial on PixelsPolish.

I don't have a dotting tool (well, actually I do, it's called a sculpting tool, and that's what I use it for). Anyways - I'm all about not having to buy extra junk to do funky manicures, so I did this all freehand.
I also didn't bother to use tape, because I didn't want to have that many layers of polish, I just painted each half on its own.

I went with black and gold and did the gradient on my thumbs. The rest of my nails are just plain black with super skinny gold french tips.

Please pardon the smudge on my middle finger - I put the topcoat on right before I left for the day (I was going to be sitting in the car doing nothing for a few hours, I figured it would be safe), but I smushed the polish with my purse.

It was hard to get a photo of this - not used to taking photos where you can see my thumb nail.

007 Dot Gradient

I started with the gold polish - unfortunately, I don't have a big bottle, so I just used my Icing By Claire's gold detail polish. I painted a diagonal line down my nail and filled in one side - two coats.

I moved on to the black - OPI Black Onyx - filling in the other half of my thumb and painting all my other nails. Two coats.

Going back to the black, this time using my Claire's black detail polish. I started in on the dots. First ones were right up against the centre line - I did 4. Then I moved out and did 3 smaller ones, and finally 2 smaller ones outside those.
Then I went back in with the gold - painting dots on the now mostly dry black. It was actually at this point that I decided my other nails were to plain, so I did the gold tips.

Next week, I'm starting part way through a 52 week nail challenge. I'm using the one from I'm Simply Complex
I only just noticed that this week's is "Dotticure" ... I guess I'm starting it this week - hah!
Anyways, I'll see this one through to the end, and find a new one in January. If I can't find a new one, I will just start at the beginning of this one.

Next week's theme is "Earth Appreciation" hm.

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