About Me

Beth B.

Located in Vancouver, BC (Canada!)

I am a giant nerd - I collect and customize toys, and I play video games and dungeons and dragons. My male friends consider me "one of the guys"
Nail polish is one of my few "girly" vices.

I'm 30 and married - my husband puts up with my nail polishing, but hates the smell.

My other passions include cooking (usually for other people), painting (miniatures and toys - not paper!), drawing and reading.

I received a bottle of magnetic polish for Christmas 2011, and I set aside some time to give myself a really nice manicure ... everyone noticed it and loved it, so it inspired me to share more!

I figure this blog gives me the opportunity to try fun new things with my nails and it also gives me the incentive to try and take better care of them - they all used to peel frequently (I'm down to one or two now), and I used to bite the skin around my nails (I've mostly stopped, except for when I'm stressed)

Fun story: Wayyyyy back when I was 9 or 10, I got my nails done by a friend's mom. I asked if she could do a yin-yang symbol on one of my nails, and I was told that it couldn't be done - unless it was a decal, which she didn't have.
Later, I convinced my mom to buy me some black and white nail polish at the dollar store. Using a piece of a plastic container and some toothpicks, I did the yin-yang myself. After that, I did nail art pretty frequently for a few years for myself and my friends ... roses, comic book symbols, yin-yangs, hearts, stars, etc ... all with dollar store nail polish and toothpicks.

I honestly don't know why I ever gave it up!

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